At Trybal, we believe being a leader means more than having a title and people reporting to you. In fact, we often encourage people without either of those things to show up as leaders in their own way, every day. Why? Because that’s how the real magic happens! By building on and sophisticating what you’re truly great at, you’ll be able to guide others to do the same.

So, perhaps, what we’re really challenging people to show up as a guide, is someone who:

  1. Advises or shows others the way
  2. Helps someone find the answer inside themselves so they can form an opinion or make a decision

What does a guide look like?

Guides show the way for someone that allows for them to uncover and create their own unique experience. In relationship to Strengths (using the StrengthsFinder tool), you have the privilege of guiding a person or group through the discovery of themselves in relationship to the language and concepts the tool provides.

Here are some key things to consider when embarking on the joyful journey for your own unfolding or that of others:

Get Inspired

One of the most common experiences one has when they are beginning their own Strengths Journey is one of inspiration. This unique possibility filled lens awakens the sleeping giant deep within. Many, once inspired, want to shout it from the roof top, share, empower and, in our case, guide others through their own amazing Strengths journey. 

Know Thyself

As in all things, some level of mastery is helpful before having others seek your counsel or support. The journey to dig deep into your Strengths is priority number one. Our willingness to do the work (and continue to do so) sets a stage of safety and understanding that is required to have this privilege with another human. 

We look at strengths though a Sophistication lens; it is not a matter of one and done mastery, rather the ability to leash and unleash the power of your Strengths in the appropriate time and way needed for the situation. This takes time. There is no one event, training or certification that will be your rubber stamp of approval. It is a commitment to years (a lifetime) of fine tuning your line up of Strengths. Through our own refining, we find the nuances, sophistication, and joy in our own wiring, and then grace and love for all those that cross our paths.

Know the Lingo

Take the time to learn the tool! Understanding the theory and practicing the application hundreds and thousands of times is where the rubber meets the road. The level of study and application here will help your ability to pivot as required as new combinations and situations show up. The magic of this tool starts to appear in the layering of the Strengths; each person’s level of sophistication is their secret sauce.

Consider Strengths Training

Our Tryb has built a unique training course and we have demonstrated it works hundreds of times over. It requires an entry level understanding of the StrengthsFinder tool in relationship to who you are. The focus of this training is for folks within an organization who want to foster, guide, and support a Strength-Based Ecosystem. Trybal transfers the learning to high potentials, people in stretch assignments, and leaders at all levels of development so they can guide the members of their tribes into flow and performance, resulting in a thriving organization. 

We always launch with an intimate learning environment (pilot) and are excited to launch our Becoming a Strengths Guide learning event to 12 amazing people that are being called to do this great work - at a huge discount. We are blessed to already have 6 seats occupied by a waiting list and are excited to meet 6 new guides to be.

If you’re looking to create a work environment you actually wanna be a part of, register today!


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