We’ve all met our fair share of cringeworthy people - you know, the folks who never seem to know where the line is. Or, the ones who are blatantly hypocritical and don’t seem to know it. Or, the coworker you really wish would at least pretend not to be on their phone while they’re talking to you. Or…the list could go on for days!

In this week’s Lucrative Lookback, we’ll consider how we can change our experience with these “difficult people” to preserve our sanity and create a work environment where we can do more than just survive. We may find that a little perspective goes a long way.

What’s even better? We’ll explore how to work with these difficult personalities in 250 words, or less!

Think about this…

To date, we don’t have computers as sophisticated as the human brain. Each of your coworkers has potentially more computational power than any of the computers at your company!

Perhaps you’re thinking, “Not my coworkers! Some of them just have difficult personalities. They could never be as sophisticated as a door knob, much less a computer!” Now, consider this quote by Albert Einstein:

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

People have unique Strengths that act as their filter for how they think, act, and feel. If everyone had exactly the same Strengths and thought exactly the same way, life would be pretty boring and new ideas would be rare at best. There’s power in diversity and seeing it as an opportunity versus a barrier.

Perhaps those slow, useless, dim coworkers aren’t so slow, useless or dim after all.  Often the problem is simple understanding. Instead of leveraging the distinct Strengths of individuals, our tendency is often to judge based on our own unique filter of Strengths.

This week, when you sit at or log in to your staff meeting, project call, production meeting, etc.  consider how your team is showing up:

  • Who is competitive?
  • Who is impatient?
  • Who is deliberative in their thought process?
  • Who is best at communicating their points?
  • Who keeps the team focused?
  • Who includes everyone in the conversation?
  • Who commands the room when they speak?

You might find you’re sitting with a team of rock stars full of untapped potential.
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