“Abundance is a state of being; it means seeing there is plenty and displaying behavior cohesive with that.”

That was the first day I learned about an Abundance Mindset. Lexy, our founder, was sharing our Values at Trybal Performance. Wow, I thought. I knew the word abundance before but had never thought about it as a mindset.

Lexy went on to describe how we act abundantly by:

  • sharing resources
  • collaborating
  • have an attitude of gratitude & expressing appreciation regularly
  • giving constructive feedback
  • giving credit where credit is due, and
  • providing solutions proactively

I loved it.

What I loved more than anything was the part about having an attitude of gratitude.

I’ll never forget being in sixth grade and writing every day after lunch in our ‘Thank You Journals’. Our teacher taught us to write five things we were thankful for every day, and the memory has stayed with me. The discipline of sitting down and thinking about the good things in my life—the big sandwich my mom had made me for lunch, living so close to school, the play I got to act in—gave me access to feelings of gratitude on command!

At that age, I’m not sure I’d ever been taught about gratitude and the wellbeing it cultivated, but it must be the reason it’s stuck with me all this time. It was my first taste of abundance.

Years later, I cannot begin to express how different life is when my mindset shifts to believing there is enough to go around for all of us, that all of us can win and be happy.

When there doesn’t have to be any losers or situations that rob my access to a beautiful life, it’s because I was grateful first.

Build an abundance mindset with the Trybal Gratitude JournalGratitude is the birthplace of abundance.

This is why Lexy has released a Gratitude Journal we want all of you to have access to in order to cultivate your own abundance mindset. We know putting in a practice of counting our blessings shifts our mindset and gives us new access to making our dreams come true. Be sure to pre-order yours here.


Did you know gratitude also improves performance and productivity? Learn more.

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