True Diversity

Knowing someone’s operating system, the filters through which they see the world, is the true essence of diversity. By transcending what we see for what is, we can leverage the innate talents of our team members to reach higher standards of excellence.


The Power of One

Focusing on the growth of an individual’s talents empowers them to be the best at what they do, & it enables them to contribute to the team in a powerful and purposeful way. You hired them for a reason; foster it, don’t neuter it.

Well Oiled Machine

What do you call a group of pointy stars interlocked in harmony? A high performing, results oriented, expectation exceeding team! When you leverage the strengths of others, you push the team to greatness. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts!

Right Results, Right Now

Bottom line; people need each other. That’s right! One person cannot do it all. By surrounding yourself with people whose talents compliment yours leaves you time to focus on being your best, rather than just being “acceptable”.

Team Dysfuntion is Expensive

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Definition of Team

noun Two or more people working together 

verb Come together as a team to achieve a common goal

Definition of a Tryb

A group of individuals within a strengths-based ecosystem sharing a common culture and dialect, producing high quality results sustainably and on purpose.

Tools for Trybs

  • Team Alignment
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Leveraging Peers Effectively
  • Goal Setting & Strength Aiming
  • StrengthsFinder (Training and Coaching)
  • Crucial Conversations (Training and Coaching)
  • Abundance-Based Environment (Eradicate abusive conduct/bullying at work)

Build A Powerful Tryb Now

Turn Your Team into a Tryb

After reading the definition of a team and a Tryb, the difference is clear and it speaks volumes. Unlike teams, Trybs have a common culture, language, and a  recognized leader. Trybs can survive the most catastrophic events, and instead of breaking, they grow stronger. They continue to produce results by adapting, embracing change, and utilizing their people to their full capabilities.

Ready to Go Trybal?

Ready to Go Trybal?

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