Alexsys Thompson

“My passion is creating safe spaces for souls to show up.”

Strategic, Connectedness, Futuristic, Intellection, Command

Harlan Meischen

“You do have the ability and power to make a difference!”

Analytical, Individualization, Learner, Achiever, Deliberative

Rosanna Tomiuk

“Be courageous and tenacious in the pursuit of your dreams.”

Achiever, Belief, Responsibility, Woo, Activator

Darlena Eggebrecht

“Seeing the greatness in others allows you to see the greatness in yourself.”

Woo, Learner, Communication, Positivity, Achiever

Liv Hadden

“Dare to be the fullest expression of your best self, every day.”

Achiever, Command, Relator, Strategic, Input

Tricia Wilcox

“Refuse to settle for ‘good enough’.”

Learner, Responsibility, Strategic, Input, Restorative

Our vision is that every individual goes to a safe and healthy workplace where they are empowered to thrive.




Having an Abundance Mindset is a state of being; it means seeing there is plenty and displaying behavior cohesive with that.


Antonyms: Deficit Thinking, Scarcity Mindset

Behaviors: Sharing resources, collaboration, expressing gratitude regularly, constructive feedback, giving credit where credit is due, providing solutions proactively



In an environment where there is safety, there is an implicit trust and free flow of opinions, ideas and feedback.


Antonyms: Abusive Conduct, Bullying, Ridicule, Gossiping

Behaviors: Open to new ideas, collaborative, graceful acceptance of feedback, providing timely and kind feedback, maintaining confidence, making space for all ideas, including all team members, taking ownership of mistakes, kind candor, mutually respectful communication



Kind Candor allows individuals to become their best selves and the best team they can be by saying what needs to be said in a safe, compassionate manner. Kind Candor is an integral piece of creating safety and having meaningful dialogue.


Antonyms: Blame game, Scapegoat, Ridicule, Abusive Conduct

Behaviors: Timely feedback to build up another, expressing how an action affected you to build a solution for future interactions, taking ownership of mistakes, saying what you mean and what you don’t mean (contrasting), stating your path and seeking others



Respecting Time means being aware that time is valuable, specifically because it’s finite. It is one of the only things we can take from someone they can never get back. Being where you say you’ll be at the time you say you’ll be there, and concluding your meetings when you said they would comprise Respect Time.


Antonyms: Tardiness, “________ Ran Long”, No Show, Cancel Last Minute, Ill Prepared for Meeting

Behaviors: Arriving early, being prepared, resetting expectations as soon as an obstacles arises, creating an agenda to make sure meeting concludes on time, giving people the choice to leave should the meeting run long, defining clear take aways from every meeting



Know Thyself is embodied by heightened and continued self-awareness. By knowing your strengths and the areas you have an opportunity to grow or collaborate, you can contribute the best of yourself everyday.


Antonyms: No Self-Awareness, In Denial, Unwilling to Accept Feedback

Behaviors: Continued self-reflection, knowing your strengths, ownership of mistakes, leveraging teammates where necessary, developing strategies for success in areas we need improvement, seeking coaching and further development in areas of interest and strength, understanding your Style Under Stress, knowing how you like to be rewarded and motivated, recognizing opportunities for growth



Have Fun means what it says! Fun is an overlooked yet essential part of everything we do. You wouldn’t go to a party if you knew you wouldn’t have fun; we feel work shouldn’t be any different!


Antonyms: Bored, Miserable, Party Pooper, Stick in the Mud

Behaviors: Laughter, contagious smiling, sharing humorous emails or posts that are SFW, engaging in projects that are energizing and fun, working with team members collaboratively, joking in meetings, sharing positive feedback or accolades


Who We Are

We are a group of passionate and committed people who are striving to make the world a better place, one team at a time. Whether you’re looking to build something brilliant as an organizational team, business partners, leaders, or a couple, we’re here to empower you to do more than just survive. Why settle when you can thrive?!

What We Do

We put our heart and soul into working with teams to drive performance. Our work with you and your team gives you the tools and knowledge you need to build an abundance-based culture by design. This means you can achieve great results in what you do best sustainably and on purpose!


We take pride in our claim to fame; we leave you with everything you need to thrive long after we’re gone. Our #1 goal is results. The potency of any tool or knowledge is in its intelligent and successful application in producing something tangible and repeatable. We approach everything with that in mind!


Your Future

We all face challenges in life, and it’s how we rise to those challenges that define the most crucial moments we experience. Whether you’re looking to address a specific need, or you simply want your team to move from good to great, the choice is yours; rise to the challenge the best way possible by joining forces with the Tryb!

Our Adjunct Tryb Members

Michael Thompson the Neuro Handyman

Michael Thompson

Learn About Michael Thompson

Michael discovered his desire to teach in college. He believes that each person has the right to make their own choices, and the responsibility to deal with the consequences of those choices. His passion has been, and continues to be, adolescents and their wildly changing and developing brain. He has focused many of his years on how drugs affect and potentially rewire the brain. Michael continues his search for information that will help adolescents make better choices for themselves. This journey has led him to branch out into the exciting world of parenting. Parenting is difficult on a good day; being the father of 4 daughters, Michael knows this well. His experiences with parenting, teaching and neuroscience has led to a unique path that he is very excited about. Michael is very excited to join the Trybal team and to offer what he can to help them reach their goals.

Credentials & Experience:

  • Neurobiological Handyman educational consultant
  • Leadership Institute for Teens program developer and director
  • Green Mountain Prevention Projects teen leadership program director and coordinator
  • B.S  1991 from UVM
  • MEd in progress at UVM
  • Essex High School Health Teacher
  • Varsity Girls Ice Hockey Coach

Craig Trombly

Learn About Craig

Craig first became involved in the strengths movement in 2003, when he read Now, Discover Your Strengths, and took the StrengthsFinder assessment. He began applying the strengths approach to his work and life, and soon realized that he wanted to help others do the same. He began coaching his staff in the strengths material, and leading workshops, and has since developed curriculum and led numerous coaching sessions, workshops, team building sessions, and classes. It is his passion to help as many people as possible learn about and experience the benefits of a strengths-based career and life. He completed Gallup’s Great Manager Program, and The Marcus Buckingham Company (TMBC) Simply Strengths and Strong Manager seminars, and is a certified coach through TMBC in StandOut, a new strengths-based assessment. Currently, he leads the day-long class, Discovering and Working with Your Talents and Strengths, and facilitates workshops and supervisory training classes. He has consulted with several organizations to introduce managers and staff to the principles of strengths-based management, leadership, and work. He also coaches and mentors individuals in the strengths material. In addition, he has worked for over 30 years as a Civil Engineer and currently oversees a group of 40 staff. He resides in Northern California with his wife and has a son, two daughters, and two grandsons (with a third on the way!).
Jennifer & Ron Soos

Jennifer & Ron Soos

Learn About Jennifer & Ron

Jennifer & Ron Soos are the creators of Strengths for Couples, a strengths workshop turned date night. Jennifer is a professional counselor for individuals, couples and families. So, when Ron became exposed to StrengthsFinder, the two knew they could enhance relationships with their combined talents and skills. Together they have created a 3 hour program that is fun, informative and allows you to enrich your relationship every day. To learn more about Strengths for Couples, contact us!

Paula Butterfield


Learn About Dr. Paula Butterfield

Paula’s career path has taken her from academic medical centers and corporate healthcare to coaching executives and teams across industries and economic sectors. These days, even the most skilled and knowledgeable leaders and teams are finding themselves overwhelmed by rapid change and increasing complexity in the workplace. Paula is passionate about helping leaders expand their capacity to lead—learning to think differently, stay resilient under stress, transform their own worldviews in ways that help them ride the wave of uncertainty in today’s world and not get sucked into the trough. She brings to Trybal the Strengths of Input, Strategic, Maximizer, Adaptability, and Relator.

Background and credentials:

  • Coaching executives and leaders since 1996
  • Credentialed as a Professional Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation
  • Executive coach in Notre Dame’s eMBA and Executive Integral Leader programs
  • Member of the executive coach consortium for The Ohio State University
  • Professional speaker representing a California-based neuroscience organization that offers continuing education programs for health and mental health professionals
  • Certified in The Leadership Circle Profile, Leadership Maturity Profile, and MBTI
  • Advanced training and work in Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching [ORSC] and the Enneagram personality inventory
  • PhD in counseling, OSU [Ohio]
  • Executive MHA
  • BA and MA in literature

Tomi W. Bryan

Ph.D., J.D., CCEP, BCC

Learn About Dr. Tomi Bryan

Tomi combines her Strengths of Learner and Strategic with her educational training and experience to drill down to reach hard to see truths and root causes of problem issues. Her organizational change expertise contributes to recognizing where to jump in to shift larger systems. Add in her intuitive sense of people, her understanding of psychology, and her grasp of ancient global wisdoms, and Dr. Bryan gives grounded, real-world keys sought by individuals, teams, and organizations.


Dr. Bryan earned a J.D. from Wake Forest University and a Ph.D. in Management with a Specialization in Organizational Leadership and Change from Walden University. Her undergraduate degree from North Carolina State University is in Political Science.

Certifications & Licenses:

  • Licensed attorney in NC
  • Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional (CCEP)
  • Certified in Change Management by ProSci
  • Board Certified Coach (BCC)
  • International Certification in Organizational System Dynamics
  • Certified by the Vibrational Sound Association in Himalayan Singing Bowl Deep Relaxation Technique
  • Trained in Family Dynamics
  • Certified by The Leadership Circle™ to deliver their classes, the TLCP 360°Assessment, Cultural Survey Assessment and Follow-Through Tool
  • Certified by Discovery Learning to facilitate the Paper Planes® and The Exchange® simulations

Books & Publications:

  • Modernizing The Hero’s Journey: Maximizing Leadership Presence, 2012
  • The 5 Keys To The Great Life, 2009
  • How To Keep The GSA Money Your Company Makes: Compliance, Best Practices & Other Useful Tools, 2006
  • Staying Power: Work- Life Balance Initiatives for Retaining Young Lawyers (North Carolina Young Lawyers Division, Lawyer Effectiveness Committee), 2005

Tomi lives in Greensboro with her husband, Jim and their dog, Mojo. They have two sons, Shep and Warren.  Tomi enjoys her time with family, a nice cozy book, and a great adventure.

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