Build effective communication skills with Conversation Mechanics.

99% of people prefer a workplace where people discuss issues truthfully & effectively.*


Conversation Mechanics: How to Talk About It is a Strengths-Based Communication course designed to produce results outside the classroom.

Trybal Performance How to Talk About Effective Communication Course
We’ve integrated you into the communication model so you can take what you learned in the classroom into the real world.
“How to Talk About It” provides a comprehensive and easy to follow road-map for having productive and effective conversations. Luis Morejon

National Learning and Organizational Development Manager, Keuhne & Nagel

Are you in a work environment where communicating effectively with other people has a large impact on the success of your day?


Communication is just talking, right? How hard can it be? Well…VERY!

86% of people believe ineffective communication or lack of collaboration cause workplace failures.*

We face more challenges than we realize in our exchanges with others; what you meant and how you came across can be two very different things that are at odds with each other.

We’ve all been there, and it’s a difficult place to be. It can feel like no matter what we do, we can’t break through the barriers.


Yes, there is hope! Communication is so much more than just saying words; it’s exchanging meaningful information and producing a result from that exchange. It means ensuring the team is aligned with the right goals.

In fact, 97% agree a lack of alignment within a team directly impacts their results.*

We’ve developed a Strengths-Based Communication course called How to Talk About It to help you and your team achieve more than you ever dreamed possible.

By blending StrengthsFinder methodology with an effective communication model, How to Talk About It helps your team create a safe environment and develop the skills necessary to tackle tough conversations when results are on the line, at all levels, about anything!

This course is TEA and HRCI certified!

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This course has been designed for groups of 15 people or more. They can all be members of your team, or members of other teams. We’ve found having a minimum group size of fifteen enriches the learning experience; the more perspectives and experiences in the room, the more each individual benefits!


If you’re still wondering if How to Talk About It is for you and your team, ask yourself this:

Am I a human that communicates with other humans? Are the rest of my team?

If the answer is yes, then this course is for you!

Participating in “How to Talk About It” provided me with a deeper understanding of my strengths and how I can more effectively handle difficult scenarios and engage in productive dialogue in both my personal or professional life. Jacob Adams

Symposium Manager, Technical Activities , NACE International

Enhance Team Performance

Tough Conversations

Communication often breaks down when it’s most important. High risk, results-oriented conversations are the exchanges we need to be the most proficient in, and tend not to be.

Meaningful Conversations

No one likes a pointless meeting. Meaningful conversations align individuals with the team goal and produce tangible takeaways everyone is accountable for and can act on.

Produce Results

By having meaningful conversations when stakes are high, you and your team gain a competitive advantage by becoming results-oriented, rather than problem focused. You’ll hit your goals and so much more!


  • # of people who will be taking the course together.

Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about our course.

My team only has 6 people on it. Can we still participate?
Yes - by scheduling the course with other teams in your organization, you can meet the headcount requirement of 15 people and we’ve found the learning experience to be very rich. The cross-pollination of groups often encourages creativity and increased accountability. So whether there are two teams of seven and eight, or seven teams of two and a lone wolf, you’ll have a great learning experience!

We've done Strengths with Trybal (or someone else) and already have our StrengthsFinder Reports. Can we get a discount?
Yes, $15/participant who already has their Strengths Report will be deducted from the total of the course.

How long is the class?
It’s 16 hours of learning total spread across three modules. We’ve purposefully designed the course to be flexible so it meets the needs of your organizational culture. If you only have time for two hour sessions every other week, we can do that. If you want to get it all done in two consecutive days, we can do that as well. Any way you want to slice it, we can deliver it!

Can I earn credits with this course?
Yes! This course is both TEA and HRCI certified.

Can I buy the class now and schedule it later?
Yes - you can schedule the class anytime within 90 days of purchase.

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**The use of the HRCI seal is not an endorsement by the HR Certification Institute of the quality of the activity. It means that this activity has met the HR Certification Institute’s criteria to be pre-approved for recertification credit.

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