It happens. People mess up. People miss deadlines. People are imperfect.

Surprisingly, situations like you just saw in the above video are still occurring, even in the corporate world! Perhaps they’re a little more refined, but the back and forth of blaming between two people becomes prevalent in high stress situations.

Ever been caught in the Blame Game?

You’d think we’d have gotten past pointing fingers in high school; however, when someone starts wagging their index finger in your face, it’s really hard not to point back.

When people go back and forth between blaming each other, we call this The Blame Game. It’s a never-ending loop of blame that inhibits openness to the other person’s perspective. There are never any winners in The Blame Game – everyone remains stuck – until they are willing to become Curious.

The Blame Game escalates emotions, builds resentment and can really hurt a relationship. Often times, this is when we say how we are feeling in a damaging way. It may not even be what we mean, but our emotions have hijacked our mouths.

But alas! All this can be avoided with the right tools and tricks.

Reframe, reframe, reframe.

The first thing we’ll teach you in our course, How To Talk About It, is to completely reframe how you look at whose fault it is. In the heat of a moment, instead of looking for Blame, we will teach you to increase your sense of responsibility and look for the Contributions of each person involved instead.

Contributions are where you start to get out of the Blame Game to say what you want, the right way.

Your judgment will shift to understanding and a whole new perspective will arise. A perspective that catapults you to results much faster than you were arriving at them when tough situations presented themselves.

Click here to learn more and register. Experience a breakthrough in your communication when you sign up for our course and never get caught in a vicious cycle of blame again.

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