We all know the way we communicate can build bridges or start wars, and we at Trybal take that very seriously. We take great pride in “walking our talk” and enjoy when others ask what is so different about our Tryb. It has been a week since the rules as we knew them changed in our country - we have been up to something over the past 7 months, almost in preparation for this moment in time. As I look back, a smile crosses my face as I begin to realize we are in the perfect positon to help all of us have better conversations in new ways. 

Be the solution you wish to see in the world.

We recently created a communication experience for teams that starts with knowing who you are as you enter a conversation and the impact (both glorious and not so glorious) that you have on any communication model. So often, we spend time learning a model that makes all the sense in the world in a class room setting, then we go back to our lives and can’t seem to find a way to practice what we learned in a “real life” way.  At Trybal we have solved that sticky little issue.

The first tool in our Conversation Mechanics Tool Box is simply How to Talk About It: Strengths-Based Communication. We start with an assessment to give you access to a common language. Then, we bring you through some real world best practices and situations via a hands-on learning experience. You get to add some of your own real-world challenges to work through in a safe environment. After class, you have a place to check in and connect to receive support and coaching to as you sharpen your communication tools.

It really works.

We know from actual purposeful practice and hundreds of amazing humans that taking the journey with us works, heals, builds bridges, and increases accountability all along the way. We have started by integrating the StrengthsFinder assessment as an access point and will be adding MBTI and one other to the learning series.

It feels better and better to be a part of the solution - we hope to see you along the journey.  In the meantime, from our Tryb to you, may love and kind candor lead the way.

How to Talk About It Launching January 2017!

If you’re interested in taking this awesome course, be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already. We’ll be providing an awesome, one time only discount to kick off 2017 the right way. Keep your eyes on your inbox or our social media to cash in.

Participating in “How to Talk About It” provided me with a deeper understanding of my strengths and how I can more effectively handle difficult scenarios.”
-Jacob Adams, Manager, NACE International


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