How to hire the right fit for your team

Hiring a new team member can be a tricky business. Obviously, you want to hire someone who can do the job at hand. More importantly, and perhaps more overlooked, you also want to hire someone who adds value to the team dynamic and the organization’s mission. That’s one daunting task! And it’s one that many people don’t understand the true impact of.

Trybal Performance was built with the intention to thrive, so it goes without saying that we take great pride in finding and attracting unique and dynamic members. Each member of our small but mighty Tryb has an energy all their own and a fulfilling passion they bring to the table. It ensures we have a continuous stream of creativity that comes through in what we do.  

Given our Strengths-based approach to team building, people often ask us how to build their own tribe. We recently had the pleasure of adding a new member to ours, so we thought now would be a great time to answer that question. His name is Matt Swenson, and he can tell you, we didn’t make it easy on him! 

There was one critical piece of the puzzle we had to get right: cultural fit. Our core Trybal values had to be front and center when considering his position, because how he executes is only half of the equation. The other half has to come from his strongly-aligned and inherent values. That’s right; his actual skillset played second fiddle to cultural fit.  

Based on our values, we had to ask Matt and ourselves: 

  • Was his mindset founded in abundance and gratitude?  
  • Did he believe in kind candor and creating safety?  
  • Was respecting other’s time something he really understood and saw as important? 
  • Was he all business and no play? Did he see the value of fun at work? 

When adding new team members to your organization, we encourage you to slow down and invest in the process, the purpose and the conversations that unfold.   

Below are some questions that will help you begin this important practice: 

  • How are you considering your culture, values and personalities when adding members to YOUR team? 
    • Have you taken the time to define your culture?   
    • Did your culture “just” happen or have you designed one that will foster the business you are up to? 
    • Do you understand where a potential new team member fits into your culture as a value add to all members and the purpose and the mission of your organization?  

  • Are you taking the time to weigh the cultural fit alongside the mindset, work ethic and skills/background? 
    • Do you know what a good cultural fit looks like?  
    • What is the role of each teammate that will rely and be accountable for this new teammate interact within the hiring and onboarding process?  
    • Have you all talked through how to harvest the brilliance each new teammate brings to the team?  

Though the process may seem daunting, as a leader, I can tell you when you do that, the return on investment of time and effort will be exponential! We are happy and proud to officially welcome Matt to our Tryb; we are confident that he’ll make our Tryb stronger, and we have the above hiring mindset and process to thank. 


Interested in beginning to build a tribe of your own?

We would be honored to help you identify core values and leverage a Strengths-Based Culture when adding new team members!

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