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“An ideal culture is one that makes a place for every human gift.”

-Margaret Mead

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Founder // Dog Lover // Outdoor Living Artist

My passion for strong leadership and high functioning teams drove my career into the entrepreneurial space in 2010, which has given me the unique lens necessary to provide high-caliber services in a market lacking in professional resources. In 2014, after consulting for many years, my success led me to found my own coaching practice, Trybal Performance, LLC.

As an executive coach, entrepreneur and conflict resolutionist, my distinctive strengths and experience are a potent combination that enable me to assist leaders and their teams in mapping a route into the future, taking into account all points of impact. When problems arise, my commitment to clean, concise and kind candor helps clear the way for the optimal solution.

Many of the amazing leaders I have had the honor to work with have described me as a breath of fresh air, a safe place, a consummate strategist, as well as a confidant. I leverage humor (in the right context) to empower a leader to move forward and be fearless in the journey of knowing self. My personal mission statement is to “Create safe places for souls to show up”.

As the Founder of Trybal Performance, I utilize a robust suite of tools to help our clients build an organizational foundation whose core is abundance-based. Simply put, that means we start with what is right and work to fill in the gaps of what is not. Our intimate knowledge of what it takes to make an organization successful from the top down allows us to speak on a variety of topics, including how to build and maintain a Strengths-Based Ecosystem, optimizing communication including conflict resolution, creating and sustaining Abundance-Based Environments, leadership, workplace bullying and creating safe spaces.

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Some things that make the Tryb proud of Lexy –
Since 2011, I’ve worked to create what I believe in. I’m a challenge driven mind that loves to build meaningful partnerships with people that are ready to thrive. If you feel like this is a good match for you, I’d love to work with you. Say hello.
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